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5-day Time Management course

One in ten employees and those self-employed suffer from burn-out complaints, according to research. People with much willpower, a great commitment to their work, and a far-reaching sense of responsibility are at an extra risk.

It starts with persistent pressure. If you feel pressured, you work harder and harder. If the pressure is on for too long, your performance will deteriorate. As a result, you will work even harder. Before you know it, you are in a vicious cycle.

Why does that happen?

In case of severe stress, the brain sends out an alarm signal to the body. As a result, cortisol is found in the blood. This stress hormone temporarily puts all kinds of bodily functions on the back burner, such as digestion and the immune system. This way, extra energy is released.

If the cortisol level remains high for a long time, however, the system becomes disrupted. The immune system will then suffer severely. That is why you are more susceptible to illness during long-term stress.

Your brain gets the biggest punch. Extreme fatigue, memory problems, and loss of concentration are the result. Therefore, such ‘chronic’ stress is not only disastrous for your well-being; it also affects your brain and that damage is irreparable.

Do you feel you work under stress too much and have been for a longer period of time now? Sign up for this five-day Time Management course. It allows you to learn skills that ensure that you will:

  • have peace of mind
  • get a good overview
  • have less of a feeling that you ‘have to’ do many things
  • learn how to say no
  • learn how to reduce the jammers
  • learn how to prioritize

Sign up for the course quickly and put an end to working under stress too much. This course is until October 10 for only € 37.00 instead of
€ 67.00

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