be bold, brave, energetic, happy and you… TODAY!

with a balance between your professional succes and your personal.

Imagine that in 90 days you could not stop smiling, because you..

  • Know how you can live your life authentic
  • Are so excitedabout all the things that are coming to you.
  • Have know how to live a healthy, balanced and easydaily routine.
  • Know how to best prevent stress, body aches and pains because you have a consistent exercise routine and balanced life.
  • Know how to have enough time to spend with your loved ones and friends.
  • Know how to have time to relax, an afternoon walk in the woods, read that book you want toread or take that course you always wanted to do.
  • Know how not to be so worried all the time about what other people were thinking so that you could live life on your own terms.
  • Are aware of ways how to keep your energy level high throughout the day and knew how to give yourself natural bursts of energy.
  • No longer could feel like you were “getting through” the day but are conquering the day!
  • Know how you can challenge yourself on the positive way
  • Have learned ways how to be able to say NO to things that no longer serve you and yes to opportunities that light you up!
  • Could sleep easy at night, knowing that you have everything well-balanced out and that you are in control.
  • Know how to live your life as a real champion
  • Feel on top of the worldand life is smiling back at you!

I can help you make all that happen in just 90 days!

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Benefits of the program:

  • You will know how to improve the quality of life, by reducing stress & tension and you’ll get to know how to balance professional success with personal energy, vitality and happiness!
  • The limiting beliefs that are holding you back can be identified by you and you’ll know how to work around & with them.
  • You will have the tools and knowledge to reduce your stress.
  • You are shown how to be able to find a better work life balance.
  • You will be guided to be able to enjoy and appreciate your life even better.
  • You’ll have learned how to improve the quality of your sleep.
  • You could experience that you’ll have more energy.
  • Your productivity and concentration will increase.
  • Your selfconfidence e is growing
  • You will know how to implement our Triple 7 Vitality Principle into your daily schedule.
  • You will learn how to implement a meditation into your daily routine.
  • You will know & will be shown the true meaning, purpose and effect of a PTL-list and how to implement it into your daily routine.
  • You will know how to conquer your fears.
  • You will know how you turn off Cinderella (your inner witch)
  • You will know how you can challenge yourself and never give up. You will be held responsible for your own targets, goals and progress, because accountability is a powerful tool for creating change. Together we will create goals for you that will be realistic and achievable and importantly, inspiring to you. The goals should be your goals and owned by you.
  • You could have clarity about knowing what you really want out of life and what really makes you happy
  • You’ll get unbiased input which can make a big difference to your perspective and help you to see things about yourself and your life situation differently.
  • You’ll have the opportunity To Focus On You, your dreams and aspirations as long as you commit to the program and schedule on a daily basis time for this.
  • You could grow as a Person which will give you the most important benefits of a personal development mindset like self-awareness that could lead to a sense of direction, Improved focus and effectiveness, more motivation, greater resilience and more fulfilling relationships.

What you will get from this program

The beauty of this 90 days Private Coaching program is that you will get

Twelve 60 minute sessions 

Stuck? Not for long. You’ll get unlimited email access to me (say goodbye to procrastination)

In your secure online folder you’ll get all the resources, workbooks, PDF guides, reading lists and other personal development know-how that you’ll ever need.

Lengthy welcome booklet to clarify goals before we even begin our coaching sessions.

Designed to get this seemingly simple though very effective, life changing principle and checklists into your daily schedule.

Which will step by step guide you through your transformational process and which is filled with tips and secrets to reach your goals.

Where you will meet like-minded amazing women like you to help, support and learn from.

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What’s even more exciting about this program

  • You don’t have to go to the gym
  • You don’t need to go on a diet
  • You don’t have to be an athlete or trained yourself
  • You don’t need to sit for hours to do a meditation
  • You can start any day you like
  • You get access to my special reading list
  • You get access to my 30 Ultimate Reloading Program
  • You get access to my presonal PTL
  • You’ll getlifetime access to the special FB group where you’ll find like-minded amazing women like yourself. I’ll post new content and excersises on a regular basis! It will show you all my personal secrets how I stay energised, balanced and happy, being a successfl six-figure entrepreneur, mom and loyal friend with a busy schedule, but also quality time for myself.

As the coaching will be done online, you’ll have the freedom to have the hours with me from anywhere in the world without extra time waisted on commuting to and from the sessions and you will be able to schedule the calls automatically via my system.

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You’re the right person for this program if:

  • You are ready to commit to 90 days of fully investing in yourself. This focused type of coaching requires a strong level of commitment to the process and a willingness to make the necessary choices, and changes in your lifestyle, habits and work-life balance that may be required.
  • You are willing to face your fears, habits, beliefs, patterns, daily routine and if you want to work hard to change them. A coaching program can be challenging and hard work, though also rewarding and fun. You will be looking at yourself honestly and challenging yourself to push yourself beyond your comfort zones. I will support you in my program to enhance your personal development and assist you in taking the various areas of your life to the next level.
  • You are willing to set or change your personal goal and will work hard to reach them. Personal development requires the setting of effective goals which inspire and motivate. With my own knowledge, experience and background, I am able to guide you through the transformation process.
  • You are prepared to take the time and, make the commitment, to invest in your greatest resource – you. When you put the effort into developing yourself, the rewards are amazing!
  • You are willing and able to invest the amount of money my coaching is worth.
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I am the right person for you

A lot of people already are coached by me. Their testimonials, results and changes over the years, make me proud of their dedication to the program and  their commitment to the goals set and accomplished.

I’m also the right coach for you as I’ve been where you are myself! I know what it’s like to be constantly stressed working 80 hours per week to climb a ladder you’re not even sure you want to be on. I fell victim to the same “success story” for years, before I realized that there’s more to life. I realized that there’s more in life when I started to sport seven years ago.

I was a slave to my job, constantly fatigued and drained because I was too focused on reaching the top (and pleasing everybody else) that I’d completely forgotten what was truly important to me. I was lucky that my body, because of my permanent injury and pain, says stop before I totally severe burn out. The stop was right on time. If it was a few weeks later, it was to late and I had a totally burn out.

Unfortunately, I had to miss many things when I was young due to permanent back problems. An accident at the age of 11, when I was riding my bike, ended my carefree youth. I had two surgeries and lots of rehabilitation over 18 months just to get to a point where I could walk, but not without extreme nerve pain. But that’s not all of it. At the age of 19,I had a very serious accident in which I nearly died. My life changed in a split second.

After a few years in the wheelchair and walking small distances with crutches, I decided that I wanted to play sports. I went back to my old passion: badminton. And with success, I participated in the Para-Badminton World Championship in Guatemala and became World Champion! What a mighty feeling was that! Being able to say that you are the best of the world at that moment is just so cool.

I learned to survive, I learned to challenge yourself and never give up and get you your amazing, bold dream life where you know how to balance professional success with personal energy, vitality and happiness!

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How to get access to this program

If you want to get access to this signature and unique program, then here’s how it works…

  • You will receive a pre-call form which you will be asked to fill out, to see if you actually qualify to be in the program. (my selection is set up like this as I only have a few spots left for Private Coaching sessions.)
  • Schedule your half hour clarity session to see if we’re a good fit to work together.
  • You’ll purchase your life-altering Vitality Performance Private Coaching Program.
  • You’ll get immediate access to my signature Welcome Pack (to get you clear on your goals and what you want to accomplish over the next 90 days).
  • We’ll schedule our 12 coaching sessions.
  • Each session I’ll coach you through the steps to get your life  where you want it to be and hold you accountable to achieving the goals you set for your life and yourself.
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The investment for this program

The investment for my signature Private 90 Day Vitality Performance Coaching Program is $5990. A unique offer as the price will go back up to $6500 next month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend that you read there frequently asked questions and the disclaimer in the last question, before you register to the program. if you have any other questions, please contact my team.

Get me to my amazing, bold dream life now!